Happy B-Day


Happy Birth Day

1th of October 1991 when i was born, So today is my birthday.

I am celebrating with my b-day by playing Silkroad online, lol.



First day in the new college

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Yeah it was my first day in the new college “English Commerce” , i attended my first class today, it was about Business Management by Prof. Tarek. It was so cool Lecture coz Prof. Tarek broke the ice between us so quickly. The Funniest thing that most of the lecture was in English, Of course that made me so happy and feel comfortable in the new college, i hope the other  professors be cool like him, i will receive some new vocabularies from prof. Tarek for sure. Oh ! That is relieving, i was so worried about it.

The Bad Thing about it is that the class room is so hot and not air-conditioned, but i guess i will forget that when the winter comes.

Now it is the time to start my new organized life and start doing some good activities like playing football and that would be on Thursday at 6 pm in the stadium 😀

Orascom, Is the name of the company that provides the programming courses so today i will go to ask about c++ course, Please Allah stand beside me to build my future and repair my broken present.

regards : )

New Ram, Downloading Sro Client

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SilkroadAfter my little brother broke his mini laptop, my father took its ram and put it in my laptop 😛 so now my ram is 2 GB instead of 1 GB, Programs run faster, like Adobe’s Photoshop , so i wanted to try Silkroad Online and see if it will run perfectly, if so i guess im gonna waste sometime on it 😀

I have a Character rouge(xbow only)/cleric level 67 called “Sn1per” i like it but i don’t know why i have this attraction to warlocks im gonna try one if the game worked.

Have Fun 🙂

Stumbled Over Words

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Actually i wanted to give this post the name ” Flower from every Grove or Garden ” but i was hesitated about what i am  gonna write about,  i didn’t want to write scraps and trash, i wanted to write some cool and useful words, but as you can see i stumbled over words. So im gonna right some diaries and thoughts.


Ready, Maniac


Being Ready for a lot of stuff, being ready is better than walking without a map and tools, for making my lifer better i have to take a lot of steps firstly today im gonna go to the umm eyes’ doctor coz i wanna make new glasses [My old ones are broken 😦 ] i hope it doesnt cost so much 😛

Before i wrote this post i was download [brushes-patterns-gradients] for photo shop, i will start designing sites and themes for forums, from now on and i will stick to the simple classic styles, it is the fashion  now 😛


Why it Should Be Like This

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It Always have been bad, why should i have hope ? why i always expect it to be better but it don’t 😦

My Papers in the new college still uncompleted because of them and schools will start on Saturday oO, i guess i will not attend college for the first week. nvm, My Mother still doesn’t talk to me and i dont care, The same NOISE in home i still can hear them everyday louder and louder, Besides my father took my laptop from me for 24h coz of i put a password and not letting my brothers play on it.. oh … its relieving writing such words.




Howdy all 😀

You know After Leaving the Engineering college, im free to do anything, long time ago i used to design using photoshop and here i am remembering the old days so i started to design again and i guess im doing very good designs and i have no idea how it comes that good.. luck i guess ^^ whatever im happy for that so i decided to focus on designing and learn more. so from now on i will have a gallery containing all my designs and scraps, and here r some designs i made


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